A life-changing year!

You are going to depart in August or September 2021, immerse yourself in a foreign language environment for 10 months, live with a local host family and study at a local secondary school. Suitable for students aged 15-18.5 years old.

Equip yourself for entering university

Become proactive in learning, comfortable in expressing yourself and fluent in a English and even a foreign language! These changes and your unique exchange experience may help you in both academic and interview performance!

AFS program participants often come from different backgrounds. But apart from different universities in Hong Kong, in the past many AFS returnees studied abroad in famous overseas universities such as Cornell University, UCL, UC Berkeley, University of Toronto, The Australian National University, etc

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Returnee Sharing

Matthew Wong

Germany Returnee (Graduated from Cornell University)

‘The entry interview to Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong was my first interview in life, but interestingly I did not feel shy or nervous.  It is because I just came back from Germany at that time and were very used to talking to strangers or sharing personal stories and thoughts!’

Transform yourself in a new environment

Become sociable, mature, independent and confident, equip yourself with communication skills and global competence! Developing these abilities earlier than your fellows will help you in facing the uncertainties in the future world!

According to the AFS global alumni survey with 10,500 participants, most of the returnees agree that their year exchange experience improved their communication (90%), adaptation (84%) and problem solving skills (80%)

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Returnee Sharing

Miranda Ding

Italy Returnee

‘My year exchange experience changed my personality and equipped me with global competence. Now I feel like I am more mature, outgoing and proactive than other local students at the same age, which is a great advantage for me in getting along with others.’

Why AFS?

  • Non-profit organization supported by voluntary host families
  • AFS was set up in 1914, now has a consultative status partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • Over 12,000 participants every year and over 500,000 alumni across the globe
  • 60 network organizations and numerous exchange destination choices
  • AFS Hong Kong office sent over 4,000 participants since 1982
  • Full scholarships available for students from different backgrounds
  • 15-hour online intercultural learning course will be provided freely to prepare student for the journey

Principal Sharing


Principal Chan

Munsang College

I can really tell the difference when my students came back from their exchange. They matured a lot, became able to recognize and respect cultural differences. Many students mention that they would like to participate more in extracurricular activities when they are back. They do not mind skipping classes to help me host guests as they realize they may be able to learn a lot more than in a single class. As the Chinese wisdom goes, ‘It is better to travel 10,000 miles than to read 10,000 books.’ The AFS Year Exchange Program is testament to this well-known proverb.

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Principal Leung

ELCHK Lutheran Secondary School

There are positive changes in students after they joined the exchange program in terms of self-development, interpersonal relationship and the way they look at the society. They became clear in their goal for the future and more willing to accept different opinions. More importantly, they learned how to respect different cultures and contribute to the society.

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Principal Poon

St Paul’s Co-educational College

AFS Year Exchange Program provides a learning opportunity outside classroom for students to learn from real-life experience. Through experiencing different cultures and education system, students become more capable in facing challenges under the trend of globalization and adapting to new environment. The experience also equips them with global competence and helps them to be more competitive. The cultural exchange with people from different backgrounds also improves students’ ability in expressing themselves, communicating with others, working creatively and achieving the goal of All-Round Development.

Join a Webinar

For the convenience of participants, we are going to host our seminars in form of webinar. To participate, simply click the below link to fill in the registration form, then you will receive a confirmation email with your unique join link. When the time comes just join the webinar by simply clicking the link. No software is needed!

In addition, we are also going to host a Facebook live on 28 September (Mon) at 7-8 pm with AFS 2018-19 Japan returnee Isabella sharing her experience, and our staff will also be there to answer your questions! Please like our Facebook page AFS Intercultural Exchanges Hong Kong so that you could see our reminders.

4 Steps to Become an Exchange Student

Spots are limited and filled first-come, first-serve. Apply Now!

Apply Now

Submit (1) Application form, (2) Copy of academic reports of the past 3 years, (3) Non-refundable application fee of HK$300

Download Application Form

Pass Selection

Join a selection day and let us know whether you are suitable for the program. Selected students may proceed to Stage 3


Finish Application

Join an information night and follow the instruction to finish the online application, which involves a home visit arranged by our volunteers


Prepare to Depart

After confirming by the host country, you could apply for the visa, then join the Pre-Departure Orientation Camp