Welcome the world to your home!

You will host a foreign exchange student who is aged 15-17 for 10 months for cultural exchange. Exchange students are expected to arrive at the end of August 2021 and depart at the end of June next year. We also provide short-term hosting opportunities.

Develop global competence even when staying at home

Though hosting students coming from all over the world, you or your children are going to broaden horizons, learn foreign cultures, build international friendship, improve English and even learn a foreign language!


Host Family Sharing


Host mum of Italy, Germany host students

‘Before hosting students, my daughter Cherry was not interested in overseas exchange, but this 2-year experience really changed her mind. This year our family traveled to Germany and met Cherry’s host family there, Martina, who was the Italy host student staying at our home, also joined us in Berlin!’

Create a closer family bond and develop your children

Adding new elements to your family life not only strengthens parent-child relationship and brings the family together, it also stimulates reflection and learning, improve communication and problem solving skills of your children!

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Host Family Sharing


Host dad of Switzerland, Germany, Russia host students

‘My mother-in-law could not speak English but got along very well with my ‘Foreign Son’ Levi, who was enthusiastic about learning Hong Kong culture and practicing Cantonese with her. His interesting accent always made her laugh and created a cheerful atmosphere at home’

Why AFS?

  • The only non-profit organization that operates full-year host family program in Hong Kong
  • AFS was set up in 1914, now has a consultative status partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • International voluntary organization that provides strong support network to 10,000 host families across the globe
  • AFS Hong Kong office hosted almost 900 foreign exchange students since 1982

A Host Family Only Need to Provide

  1. Daily Meals

  2. A Bed

  3. Unconditional Love and Acceptance of Cultural Difference

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4 Steps to Become a Host Family


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Go Through Home Visit

AFS staff or volunteers will come to your home to understand the expectation of your family


Get Ready to Host

Selected student will be assigned to your home. You will need to attend an orientation before student arrival