School Activities

AFS will hold the 17th intercultural fair on the 11 November 2023 (Sat) in the afternoon. Exchange students from Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Venezuela and Russia will host different classroom activities. They will share their cultures with local students via various interesting activities, such as dancing, singing or playing games, in English. 

In 2023 to 2024, we will also hold a range of public events to provide local secondary school students with opportunities to interact with overseas exchange students for cultural exchange, and school registrations will be prioritized. In addition, we can also hold seminars on campus to let students know how to apply for a full scholarship and participate in the AFS Year Exchange Program.

The above activities are free of charge. Please click here to learn more and fill in reply slip.


Public Events

AFS will host a sharing session at 23 September 2023 (Sat), which cordially invites Former Principal of Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong (LPCUWC), Dr. Arnett Edwards. He will share insights on what skills and traits are in demand for the future and the role of education in empowering young people. AFS also invites four AFS returnees currently working in different fields. They will share their personal educational backgrounds, career paths, and how these choices shape their unique future. Please click here to learn more and register.

In 2023 to 2024, we will hold a range of public activities to provide local secondary school students with opportunities to interact with overseas exchange students for a cultural exchange. If you or your child is a local secondary school student who has never joined the AFS year exchange program but wishes to experience cultural exchange, please spare time for the following events and keep an eye on the event updates:

  • Food Exchange Day | 7 October (Sat) | Preparing and tasting food from foreign countries with the exchange students for gaining insight into foreign food culture!
  • Different 1225 | 9 December (Sat) | To find out foreign Christmas celebrations via listening to the exchange students’ sharing and to experience foreign traditional cultural events through games and tasting food!
  • Lunar Warmer | 13 January (Sat) | To enjoy the Lunar New Year celebration event, such as writing Fai Chun, with the exchange students for an intercultural exchange!
  • Exchange Student Graduation Show | Late May / Early June | To witness the progress of exchange students in learning Hong Kong culture, including dragon dance, gongfu and cantonese!

Exchange Student Activities

This year, we will organise the following activities for our exchange students:

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Digital Programs

The AFS headquarter offers various intercultural learning courses, with participants communicating with students all over the world online, to broaden their horizons hands in hands. Press here for more information.

Also, the AFS Hong Kong constantly invited returnees to share their discoveries, relating to cultures, in foreign countries. Their stories were made into videos and were posted on our social media platforms. Press here to watch the videos.

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