Summer Internship Program 2024

Volunteer Opportunities

Come join our AFS volunteer team, by collaborating with other AFSers to help Hong Kong local students, families, foreign exchange students and participating in different volunteer training, you will be able to obtain different experiences and develop diverse skill sets.

How to apply?

  1. Please take a look at the below introduction and duties of 4 different AFS volunteer teams – Recruitment team, support team, training team and mentorship program team
  2. Check out the ‘Learn More’ section to read about the Hong Kong Volunteer Charter
  3. Check out the ‘Apply Now’ section to fill in the volunteer registration form
  4. After submitting the form, your information will enter our database and you will officially become an AFS volunteer.
  5. When there are volunteer and training opportunities arise, depending on your preferred tasks, our staff or entrusted volunteers will contact you through phone, Whatsapp (Individually or add you to groups) or emails.

Recruitment Team

Formed by returnees to support AFS office in the operation of the overseas exchange programs

In the future, AFS aims to focus more on developing digital content and activities to promote our overseas exchange programs. Therefore we need to recruit a large number of volunteers who have participated in previous one year or summer exchange programs to:

  • Participate in video filming, allowing our staff to create Instagram, Facebook and YouTube content to introduce different cultures
  • Participate in video filming or provide content, allowing our staff to create stories or messages to promote our overseas exchange programs
  • Share your first-hand exchange experience, gains and advices in different public events, seminars or orientation activities
  • Provide content for or directly attend media interviews

Through participating in the above activities, you will be able to:

  • Help AFS by allowing more people to acknowledge our community and join our exchange programs
  • Help local Hong Kong students to get to know various cultures digitally
  • Help students who are interested in our program to get know the realistic expectation of an intercultural experience
  • Help pre-departure students to be prepared for their upcoming exchange experience
  • Get to know more AFSers through collaborating activities and communications through social media
  • Gain experience on initiating and creating digital content, sharing in front of camera, public speaking and attending media interviews

Support Team

Formed by volunteers from different backgrounds to support AFS office in the operation of the local hosting programs

When every foreign exchange student arrives in Hong Kong, they will be each assigned to a local volunteer during their exchange year. The tasks for these volunteers are to:

  • Help the student to adapt to the local community and provide support through regular communications.
  • Assist the AFS office in communication and mediation when the student encounters issues with host families, problems in other aspects of life and even emergencies

To become a support volunteer, you need to be:

  • Mature, independent, responsible and be able to solve problems in a rational and neutral manner
  • Familiar with the mission of AFS and passionate about intercultural exchange
  • Was once an AFS exchange student; parent of an exchange student or professional who has related counselling experiences.
  • Able to make time and communicate with the student at least once a month, and be able to manage and follow up when unforeseen incidents happen
  • Speaks fluently in both English and Cantonese, able to communicate with both foreign exchange students and host families.

By being a support volunteer, you will be able to:

  • Help AFS to make sure our local hosting programs will run smoothly
  • Enhance the experience of the foreign exchange students and their host families
  • Develop friendships with foreign students, host families and other support volunteers
  • Gain experience on counseling, communication, mediation and dealing with unforeseen issues

Training Team

Formed by volunteers from different backgrounds to support AFS office in providing training activities.

To promote the intercultural learning journey developed by AFS International and allow more people to obtain relative skill sets, AFS aims to provide more training programs for volunteers and local students in future. Therefore we need to recruit volunteers with training experience to be the trainer or co-trainer for the activities.

Through participating in the above activities, you will be able to:

  • Help AFS to become one of the leading organization in intercultural learning development
  • Assist AFS volunteers and local students to improve their intercultural learning skill sets
  • Get to know more AFSers through leading activities and other collaboration
  • Able to gain training experiences on the topic of intercultural learning

Mentorship Program Team

Formed by volunteers from different backgrounds to support AFS office in organizing the mentorship program.

AFS plan to restart our mentorship program in future. Therefore we need to recruit volunteers to become mentors and to be able to stimulate the academic, occupational and personal development of young AFSers.

Through participating in the above activities, you will be able to:

  • Assist AFS to provide more support after students return from their exchange and sustain the development of the AFS community.
  • Assist the AFS returnees by sharing your experiences and advice which they might benefit from
  • Broaden your social network by meeting more mentors and mentees.
  • Gain mentoring experiences and understand the perspective of the younger generation

Apply Now

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