Global Citizenship Education (GCE) Project

AFS Global Citizenship Education (GCE) Project is designed for the secondary school students of F.1 to F.3 which empowers young people to gain positive knowledge, skills and values to act as active global citizens to create a more equitable, peaceful and sustainable world.

The Global Citizenship Education (GCE) Program will run from September 2024 to August 2026, providing a total of 900 spots to 30 secondary schools.


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To nurture young global citizens who are equipped to contribute positively towards a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world.


To enable teachers to become GCE educators in action


To inspire school principals on their commitment in GCE


To make the learning process a major milestone in GCE in the participating schools and beyond

How the program develops active global citizens?

The students will engage in 20 hours of immersive activities and a competition. The highlight of GCE program is the opportunity for competition winners to embark on a complimentary study tour focused on sustainability and culture in Egypt or other Belt and Road countries.

4 hours class learning through incorporating elements of educational drama, the initiative was more participatory and interesting


6 hours interactive workshop through experiential learning, students internalized rational knowledge they gained


6 hours project learning where students are enabled to build up knowledge themselves


4 hours extended learning opportunities through competition and sharing where students become more interested to deepen their learning

GCE Study tour

A complimentary study tour will be offered to the winners of the competition which focused on sustainability and culture in Egypt or other Belt and Road countries. (*A total of 10 winners of the competition)

Project timeline

How would the impact be measured?

Assessment and Measurement of Student Learning – Interactive quizzes, research, project and competitions

  • Ability to be aware that each person is a member of the world
  • Ability to respect oneself and others
  • Ability to build and to live with positive values
  • Ability to develop critical thinking
  • Ability to develop a sense of responsibility and a sense of mission
For enquiries, please contact Winnie Yang at [email protected] or tel: 28212507

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