For the convenience of applicants, we are now using an online application system, which does not require a visit to AFS office. However if you have any questions while going through the following procedure, please feel free to contact us by calling 2802 0383, or sending email ([email protected]), or visiting office.

Step 1: Prepare Documents

Before filling in the online application form, please prepare the following documents and save them on your computer for easy upload:

**You are strongly advised to write down your contact number on the documents, so that even technical problems appear, we could still contact you.

1. Copy of academic report for the past 2 years

2. Payment record for the application fee of HK$600 (Non-refundable):

2.1. If you use ATM, please deposit to the AFS HSBC account (#022-107064-001), then take a photo or scan the record.

2.2. If you use online banking, please use the AFS FPS number (1614-67-238) to deposit, then take a screenshot of the record.

2.3. If you use PayMe, please use your mobile phone to scan the following AFS QR code to pay, then take a screenshot of the record.

2.4. If you use cheque (Payable to AFS Intercultural Exchanges Limited), please take a photo of your cheque first, then mail it to AFS office (8/F, Shun Feng International Centre, 182 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai).

3. Supporting documents required for applying financial assistance (If applicable)

Step 2: Apply Online

Please click here to access the application form for 2024 Summer Exchange Program. The documents you prepared in step 1 will be uploaded in part 4 of the form.

Important remark: There are 4 parts in the form. You need to fill in all parts and click ‘Submit’ at the end of the form, otherwise we will not be able to receive your information. After submitting your application, you will be redirected to a thank you page, at the same time both student and parent will receive a confirmation email. If not, please call 2802 0383.

Step 3: Pass Interview

After receiving your application form, you may be invited to attend a virtual interview. Please stay tuned for our updates.

Step 4: Finish Application

After passing the interview, you will make the full payment and follow our instructions to finish your application.

Step 5: Prepare to Depart

After receiving confirmation from the host country, you are ready to depart for your fantastic summer.