AFS is a non-profit voluntary organization. Without government funding, AFS relies heavily on donations and support from different sectors to sustain our work, enable us to charge every participant the bare minimum and provide scholarship opportunities to underprivileged students.

Donate and support our work in these ways:

  1. Donate by Autopay on monthly basis
  2. Deposit to our HSBC account #022-107064-001, and send in the deposit record for receipt issuance
  3. Mail in a cheque, payable to AFS Intercultural Exchanges Limited
  4. Produce the Donation Information Form at the cashier of any 7-Eleven, and donate in cash by using the barcode printed on the form or using the code as follows 403996789123425
  5. Online Donation – Access to HSBC Internet Banking, go to Charity Donation and choose “AFS INTERCULTURAL EXC LTD” to make a donation

And please remember to complete and return the Donation Form to our office.

*AFS is charitable institution which is exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. Therefore, donations over HK$100 are entitled to tax exemption in Hong Kong.

*AFS Intercultural Exchanges is the agency member of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, and is listed on WiseGiving Website.

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