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With the goal of uniting and engaging with all AFS returnees as well as host families and other volunteers and supporters in Hong Kong, the AFS Hong Kong Alumni Committee was established in January 2015.  The Committee comprises returnees representing diverse AFS cohorts.

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With the objective of “Connecting to Share”, the Committee has identified three pillars


 Connecting with AFSers


Alumni SHARE

Sharing knowledge and experience

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AFS Hong Kong Alumni

We invite all AFS-ers in town to join the Alumni network. You may also post events, share your skills, knowledge and experience, or have fun with us.

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Your donation can help deserving young people go abroad regardless of their financial situation. Scholarships help us expand our efforts to educate and empower more global citizens committed to our mission. Contribute to AFS Hong Kong Alumni Scholarship.

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What is AFS today?

AFS is an inclusive community of global citizens committed to building a more just and peaceful world. We believe appreciating, valuing and respecting different cultures and being globally competent are key ingredients to helping the world learn to live together.

AFS Hong Kong Alumni Committee:

Anita Lee, 1984-1985 Canada
Aman Chee, 1986-1987 Australia
Debbie Cho, 1988-1989 Australia
Amy Ng, 1994-1995 USA
Andy Kwan 1995-1996 France
Heidi Hung, 1996-1997 USA
Toni Kwok, 2004-2005 Belgium
Natalie Ng, 2008-2009 Germany
Joyce Wu, 2009-2010 Czech Republic

Ex-officio members:

Senior Program Director & returnee, Thomas Wong (1990-1991 USA)

For updates and events, please refer to “AFS Hong Kong Alumni” on Facebook or email the Committee at [email protected]