AFS CNY Gathering

To thank everyone who supported AFS in the previous year, and to provide an opportunity for AFSers to meet each other, AFS will host a gathering after the Chinese New Year.

If you are interested in tasting Poon Choi and experiencing Hong Kong culture with our foreign exchange students this year, and reconnecting with your AFS friends, you are cordially invited to read the following event details:

  • Date: 11 February 2023 (Saturday)
  • Time: 2:30 – 4:30 pm
  • Location: South Garden Seafood Restaurant
  • Address: Shop 29A, Kam Sheung Road, Pak Heung Sheung Tsuen, Yuen Long
  • Welcome all AFSers who donated, volunteered, joined AFS exchange programs or hosting programs
  • Fee: Free of charge
  • Registration deadline: 19 January 2023 (Thursday)

Seats are limited and first come first serve. Please follow the below steps to register:

  1. Please based on the no. of participants, use the below PayMe code to pay the $100 (per person) deposit. For example, $200 for 2 participants, $400 for 4 participants. Deposit will be returned during the event.
  2. Please fill in the below registration form, which includes uploading the deposit payment record. If you need to be arranged at the same table, like you are in the same family, please submit 1 form only. If you submit forms separately, we will arrange your seating randomly.

(Registration ended)

AFS Stories

Big thanks to the below AFSers for their participation in the 40th anniversary story competition! If you would like to know their exchange stories, please take a look at the below works!