Intercultural experiences; innovative learning journeys

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Study Abroad

AFS international programs are supported by facilitated intercultural and global competency curriculums. 

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AFS volunteers are trained to guide unique intercultural learning journeys for students, families and other volunteers. 


Host Families

AFS transformed hosting into a creative intercultural learning program, complete with objectives and activities. 

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AFS helps schools create dynamic intercultural workshops, class exchanges and events to enrich the entire school community.

AFS in Schools

Schools play an important role in the AFS student exchange experience. They send and host AFS students, and work with AFS to create school-based intercultural learning programs. AFS also collaborates with educators and education ministries to develop local, regional and national intercultural learning and global citizenship education policies and initiatives.

AFS HK Partner School List

Words from Educators

AFS Activities for Schools

AFS is for schools with an interest to expand students’ perspectives and enhance their global awareness.

Your students will benefit from going abroad on exchange program themselves, or through interacting with a foreign exchange student that is hosted at your campus.

Other possible activities include but not limited to the below:

  • AFS seminar during parents’ days;
  • Exhibition during open days;
  • School visit and experience sharing by AFS exchange student.

Our annual Intercultural Fair is also a major event for schools.