Experience the breathtaking culture and landscape of Kenya, and explore the beautiful national parks and wildlife reservations. Enjoy the fragrant smells of street food, colorful corner markets depicting the busy and bustling energy of the city.

Teens in Kenya like to spend time together enjoying sports or various school clubs. Family activities and ceremonies, such as weddings are also key parts of teen life.

People & Community

You will probably live in small towns or villages, rarely in or near cities. Your host family will be loving and welcoming, and you should also show respect and include them in your plans and decisions. Like your host siblings, you should help out with the house chores.


Having a good knowledge of English will be required to participate in the program. You will have the opportunity to participate in Swahili lessons provided by AFS.

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Food in Kenya is rich in different types of breads, fried potatoes, eggs, rice, meat, fish and vegetables. Meals are a family time, so Kenyan families often sit down together talk about their day during meals. Most people eat with their right hand.